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EWM's 2014 Fall Update


Ron Shuffield of EWM Realty International says “come on down”.  It’s great timing to come down to South Florida. There are new opportunities for buyers that didn’t exist a year ago and it’s still a perfect time to buy, rent or sell a property in Miami Dade County.  We have been holding steady for years at 4 ½ to about 7 months of supply. Just recently that number increased to 6-9 months.

 The average median price for a house in Dade County is $251,000 and that number has increased by almost 55% since 2011. The condo market has shown the most increase.  The average price for a condo in Dade Country is $189,000 and that number has increased by 93% since 2011.  “Winter is close so come on down” to South Florida!

Taken from the EWM Realty International Fall Update 2014 by Ron Shuffield.